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Free Facebook Coupon Code 2011 – Free Facebook Advertising Credit $50

Facebook becomes one of the top social network offering advertising opportunities on their network. To Attract more customers and potential customers, facebook offer Free Advertising credit in form of Coupen Code like Adsense offer Free Advertising creadit inform of Adwords Coupen Code. May be you are not yet know that advertisements on Facebook can be done without the cost or for free, by using Facebook Advertising Credits obtained by entering the Facebook coupon code.

FaceBook Advertising $50 Credit for all new facebook accounts. We are big fans of the facebook system and are beginning to use it as a replacement for the other online ad networks. Facebook has more traffic and lower per click costs so it makes sense for all advertisers to try it out.

To use a free coupon to get ads on Facebook for Free take the following steps:

• Log into your Facebook ads account.
• Click on Billing within the ads manager.
• Click on the funding sources tab on the Billing summary page.
• Click on “Enter Coupon Code” and enter the code you have been given.
• Now you can create your ad and you have used the coupon.

new  =>              8HK6-140T-X8Y.-….       expire  31-August 2011   download

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 Old Facebook coupon code :   2011 Facebook coupons code 50$ :


FB-SES-NY  ;   36KT-32T1-F16K-5N9N   ;     61GT-27Q1-H56V-0M9Y       ;   1WR3-80VA-41KA-62FB  ;   8325-1YY8-839H-25EP 

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